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Glasgow Film Festival 2021 : Creation Stories (2021)

Creation Stories follows the rise and downfall of Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records. It is amazing to see how a Glaswegian young man went on to start a music label from scratch and change British music forever.

The film does not shy away from McGee's darker side. It is a cautionary tale showing how McGee's talent was only equaled by his love of partying which will ultimately be his downfall.

Creation Stories strikes the perfect balance between authenticity and fun. It is incredibly empowering to follow him as he tries to make this label survive. If he could do all these crazy things then, there's so much we can accomplish now !

© Glasgow Film Festival

With Creation Stories, you get a sneak peak into music history and how little things could have made it completely different. After Alan McGee misses his train, he ends up going into a bar with his sister. As he arrives, a ban called Oasis tries to convince the owner to let them play. McGee hears them sing and the rest is history. How amazing is that ? The music industry as we know it would have been completely different if he did not miss that train. Creation Stories is a fiction film that often feels like a documentary with an older version of McGee talking to the journalist Gemma about his career. McGee has such a fascinating and bigger than life personality that even being himself looks like a performance. He stages himself with such brilliance you just want to see what he does next.

© Glasgow Film Festival

When the film ends, I felt recharged, happy and full of optimism. In these uncertain times, this is what you need. Maybe your own little McGee voice encouraging you to do all the crazy things and to believe in yourself !

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