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History in the making - Parasite

Most of the time when we think about history, we think about the past, grand events and out of this world figures. We tend to forget that our time will also become history and that one day our kids, our grandkids would ask us what it was like to be there when this happened. IF you're not a buff, this might not matter to you. But if you are, this is one of these days. In LA, on Sunday night, history has been made. Parasite is the first film not in the English language to ever win Best Picture at the Oscars. And it's the second film since 1955 to win a Palme d'Or in Cannes and go on to win Best Picture at the Oscars. A couple of hours after it happened, it feels like it has the power to change the rules of the game. It is worth asking ourselves : how many films have not been competing in Cannes because they would rather go on the Oscar circuit and adjust release dates and so on. How many films have not been acknowledged because they were not in English and therefore stuck in the Foreign Language film category, preventing directors and actors to be acknowledged ? There are exceptions of course but this is what the norm used to be. Will Parasite's victory blow it all wide open ? Nobody knows what it means yet but it is all very exciting. It is also very particular that Cannes and the Oscars, so different in what they are looking for in their winners, agreed on this one and, more surprisingly, that the audience agreed. Has the film industry become so stale that no other film could compete ? That the first film that is different and offers us any other kind of entertainment is welcomed arms wide open ? Would this success encourage countries like the UK to distribute more foreign films outside of the BFI London Film Festival ?

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