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Edinburgh-based feminist director, writer and content creator who loves bringing exciting stories to life in whatever form they might take (film, articles, videography, photography, social media content, etc). After all, why wouldn't we change the world one story at a time?

Have a question or an enquiry? Contact me at :

 Our Services - Island Life Productions

We are rolling out our professional services offering with opportunities available for both emerging and established organisations and individuals!


Whether you need CV help, interview preparation, career development advice, workshops or videography, send us an email at :


The first hour is free for any emerging artists.

Edinburgh Short Film Festival

Events photography for the Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2020 edition, 2021 edition and the celebratory 10-year screenings.

Tales of Andalusia - Island Life Productions

Join Fin, founder of Island Life Productions, and Phil on an adventure through Andalusia.

'Tales of Andalusia' is a travel vlog series available exclusively on Patreon. You can find all the full episodes here :


Island Life Productions is an Edinburgh-based arts production company working with emerging artists to help them take the next step in their career by making amazing art together.

Check out their amazing work at :

Join the Island - Island Life Productions

Island Life Productions is an Edinburgh-based emerging arts production company.

They are passionate about working with emerging artists and members of the public in using our collective creative force to impact the world around us.

Their policy is to pay every artist that works with them to fight against free work creatives are too often asked to do. To help them do that, I have worked with them in order to create a Patreon promotional video.

You can learn more about the company and the work they do on their website :

Phone Love, Short Film

Mia and Erik are dating. She feels like he is taking her for granted. As the night goes on, she realises it is not only a feeling. She decides to go for what she wants and break away from the toxic situation.

This short romantic comedy has been inspired by the belief many women have that they can't just leave a relationship that does not make them happy or a boring date.

How many times your girl friends, sisters or yourself have waited for the time to pass until the end of a date to leave and never call them back when we all knew it was not gonna happen within the first 10 minutes ? Too many.

How many of you also have stories of guys who did leave as soon as they realised the incompatibility ? Too many (and it is completely right not to waste anybody's time). So, hopefully, let's all be Mia and leave when it's not good for us anymore.

The Truth about refugees -  London Refugee Council & MetFilm School

I worked with the producer Alina Portnova, a fellow student, with the Refugee Council in order to create an informational ad raising awareness about refugees and asylum seekers.

We went around London asking people questions to understand what knowledge the general public had and what stereotypes and misconceptions needed to be corrected. It was an amazing experience.

You can check out the amazing work they do and support them at :

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